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Every claim is unique, and you may be unfamiliar with the steps needed to file your claim for proper handling. For this reason, your agent and our dedicated staff of insurance claim specialists are available to assist you and support you should you have questions or concerns. While claims involving your home, automobile, or business will all have different considerations, there are some general steps to follow:

Step 1:

The first step is to contact your insurance agency or insurance carrier to report the claim and address any preliminary questions or concerns. In most cases, reporting the claim can be done over the phone in a few minutes.

Step 2:

Once your claim has been reported, you will be provided with a claim number, and contact information for the adjuster or adjusters who will be handling your claim. The adjuster will investigate the circumstances of the claim to determine coverage, and will work with you throughout the process to assist you with questions or concerns. The adjuster oversees the entire claim process and issues any payments related to the claim.

Step 3:

At this point, you may need to choose a contractor or repair facility to work with you. You may choose any company or facility that you prefer, though it is advisable to look to your adjuster for approval prior to authorizing any repairs or work. If work must be done on an emergency basis to prevent additional loss or damage, such as in the case of a temporary repair to a roof, or board-up services for a damaged window or door, you should authorize this work immediately, and you do not need prior approval from your agent or insurance company.

Step 4:

Having selected your preferred service provider and received approval from your adjuster, it is time for the repairs to begin. Your adjuster will typically issue payment to you, the policyholder, and you will in turn pay you contractor or service provider upon satisfactory completion of the work. In most cases, you will pay your deductible directly to your chosen contractor once the work is finished.

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