Put an Expert in your Corner.

The right benefits program is the one that’s right for you and your business.

When you really understand the way a client works, the right benefits program for their business is a given. It’s that simple – and that complex.

After all, with rising employee benefit costs, constant legislative changes and ever more complicated plan options, finding benefits solutions that make sense takes a keen eye and deep understanding of both the insurance marketplace and the needs of your organization.
That’s why Esser Hayes lays the groundwork for your plan structure with detailed needs and wants analysis of your business. By reviewing your policies, recommending plan designs and continually educating your employees, we work to deliver the most cost effective and comprehensive benefits solutions possible.
We support those solutions with a team of dedicated in-house benefits professionals available to help you administer your benefits plans. From claims and billing issues to COBRA and Section 125 administration, you and your employees can count on us for a level of personalized attention found in no other firm.



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