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Ice Damming is happening, and it ain’t pretty

The forecast for this week calls for warmer weather, sale ed so lets take a moment to address the unfortunate downside of this transition from Winter Wonderland to awful, rx melty mess:  ICE DAMMING
That’s right:  Ice damming is happening, viagra order | and it ain’t pretty.
For the uninitiated, ice damming is a scenario where snow and ice melt and freeze, melt and freeze, and eventually create a barrier that prevents water from flowing over the shingles and into your gutters.  When your gutters are frozen over, and the water can’t flow off the roof, water can travel under the shingles and cause leaks into the interior of the property.
This is bad.
Even worse, until the ice dam is clear and water can flow freely, water can continue to leak into the interior of the structure.
Property owners can call roofers to come out to try to clear ice and snow, and to verify that any problems are being caused by ice dams and not some other issue, but it’s a case of demand exceeding supply right now.
Many contractors are completely booked this week, and you may be waiting for some time before anyone can get out to assist you.  It’s still advisable that anyone with water damage get on a list, and cancellations may help get you bumped up.
If  you need the phone number of a reputable restoration company, please give us a call.  Although we encourage you to call around for the fastest response time.  As a courtesy, please call to cancel alternate appointments if you find a company that can help you right away. – by Josh Polak