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Check your vehicles for Safety recalls

You could be driving a vehicle with a manufacturer’s recall and not even realize it. I know how easy it is, unhealthy because it happened to me. I was able to discover this vital information, and I hope my story can help you.
Recently, I purchased a car from a family member. No one in my family realized the serious airbag recall on this type of vehicle…not even the owner. It turns out at least 34 million vehicles by many different makers have been recalled, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While some of the affected vehicles have been repaired, many have not, including the compact car I purchased.
While manufacturers are required to notify registered owners of recalled vehicles, some owners can be missed. If you are not the original owner, you may not receive a recall notice. If you have your vehicle serviced by a shop not affiliated with a dealership, your mechanic may not be fully aware of which models are under recall.
The VIN is the key to determining whether a recall applies. Fortunately, the NHTSA makes it easy for consumers to search for recalls. Visit its website, Recall Search By VIN and type in the Vehicle Identification Number for your vehicle. The number is displayed on a metal plate on the dashboard of your car, visible through the front windshield on the driver’s side. It also is stamped on the door frame of the driver’s side and printed on your title or registration card.
After I discovered the recall on my newly purchased vehicle, I checked for recalls on all of our family’s vehicles. Every car insured on our auto policy had a recall of some kind. Every vehicle!
While it’s disappointing to discover this information, at least now I can take steps to get the vehicles repaired as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that this airbag recall is extensive, and some manufacturers have experienced delays in getting replacement parts.
Make safety a priority. Check your VIN for recall information, and contact your dealer or mechanic to have your vehicle repaired. by Sherri Smith from Cincinnati Insurance