Reducing Costs

Put an Expert in your Corner.

We deliver the “right” combination of coverage, pricing and risk management to our clients.

We start by painstakingly reviewing a client’s current policies and coverage; meet with them to discuss our findings; then make recommendations about the coverage that best meets their specific needs and goals. As those needs and goals change, so do we, adapting and updating your coverage as necessary. Of course, our service does not stop there, because at Esser Hayes, our goal is not just client satisfaction. It is to build the kind of one-on-one relationship that withstands the test of time.
As part of our service to our clients for placing their insurance with our agency, we work hard to reduce a client’s overall insurance costs. Many of our clients initially focus only on the cost of their premiums. That premium is only the symptom of the success or failure of each business to identify what factors contribute to that premium. In our world, claims cost money – not only the insurance company’s money but ultimately our client’s money by rising premiums after too many claims or even just one severe claim.
By helping to reduce the frequency and severity of claims, our clients will see their premium costs decrease. We work hard on counseling our clients on claims management techniques and safety engineering to reduce the frequency and severity of claims. For many clients, this entails quarterly meetings to review open claims, promoting implementation of back to work programs and adding machine safety guidelines to ensure a safe workplace for their employees.

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