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A Strong History.

Generations of financial service.

On December 6, 1941—one day before the bombing of Pearl Harbor—a young entrepreneur named Howard Esser, Sr. opened the door of a new insurance agency in Naperville, Illinois. Starting with modest clientele of local farmers and retailers and a deep commitment to client service, Esser’s small business grew over three generations to become one of Chicagoland’s most trusted and knowledgeable property/casualty agencies.
Fifty years later, another entrepreneur named Ray Hayes embarked on a similar path. His young firm combined an expertise in property/casualty, benefits products and retirement planning with a commitment to technology and creativity. It quickly gained a reputation as a forward-looking, ingenious financial provider devoted to protecting and growing its clients’ assets.

A powerful and valuable partner.

Today, those two storied agencies are joined as one – the Esser Hayes Insurance Group. For our clients, that combination of traditional values and innovative thinking makes us a powerful and valuable partner for the long haul – one uncommonly committed to its clients’ security…and their success.

Tradition and innovation.

Esser Hayes Insurance Group offers the best of both worlds—consider that for over 70 years, we’ve continued to pair the latest technology and industry know-how with an old fashioned, personal approach to building client relationships. We are far more than just another name in today’s insurance marketplace.
Our reputation has been key in establishing credibility with our clients. That thread that has been critical to our successful longevity and has been the experience we retain in our firm’s leadership, from one generation to the next.

Growth, innovation & operational dexterity.

We want to do the right thing.

Our goal is to continue to grow the agency, building on our years of experience taking exquisite care of our customers and maintaining strong carrier relationships. We would like to maintain a manageable firm size and seek out professionals that match our core philosophy. In addition we’ll continue to plan and execute careful mergers and acquisitions with agencies who uniquely meld with the Esser Hayes philosophy—we genuinely want to do the right thing and help our customers make the best choices for their business, home, personal or health insurance. Any new mergers or acquisitions will feel the same way.
Innovation leads the way when planning for future expansion and growth. In the complex and competitive landscape of the insurance marketplace, we continue to implement several initiatives to sustain our success well into the future. For example, our document management software system now scans all documents, allowing our paper files to become a way of the past. This allows us to pull up documents instantly and we can now counsel our clients on any coverage, billing or claims issue within seconds.

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