About Us

Put an Expert in your Corner.

Put a team in your corner.

We’re not looking at the clock. We’re looking at you.

We genuinely want to do the right thing and help our customers make the best choices for their business, home, personal or health insurance. Each of us feel the same way.

We know our carriers and they know us.

Esser Hayes is a large, regional insurance agency that for over 66 years has represented some of the most respected and nationally ranked regional and national carriers in the country. This puts our clients in an enviable position and allows us to advocate for them from a position of strength and credibility. After all, our carriers know us personally. They always have a face and an ongoing relationship with one of our team members. We represent you in the best way possible, getting the right details, telling your story in the most positive light and getting your file to the top of the pile. We advocate well for our clients because we know them, their individual situations and we know our carriers.
For you, this means timely and meaningful market representation.



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